Edit all your Event Espresso wording — without changing any code!

Text Editor for Event Espresso

  • Do you have this challenge with Event Espresso?

    You want to change the copy and wording in Event Espresso — but you don't know how to get in the code to do it. Do you need a developer's help for this? Not anymore!

  • The Solution Is...

    You can quickly make edits to text inside Event Espresso with our plugin! In under ONE a minute, easily change your confirmation messages, thank you messages, any any button text, and wait messages—over 35 editable inputs are currently available to edit with our plugin.

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35 editable inputs
1 year of updates
1 year of support
Use on 1 site
35 editable inputs
1 year of updates
1 year of priority support
Up to 5 sites
35 editable inputs
1 year of updates
1 year of priority support
Up to 25 sites

7 days money back guarantee.

Not sure if our plugin is for you? No worries, we offer a 7 day guarantee. All price options are billed yearly. You may cancel your subscription at any time. License needed for support and updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this work with WordPress?

Yes, absolutely. It’s also required.

What version of Event Espresso does this work with?

EE 3&4 Compatible.

Do I need to be a developer to use this?

Nope, you can use this even without coding skills. It’s created to help everyone edit Event Espresso.

Is the plugin translatable?

Yes, it falls in line with any WordPress translation hooks. Would require a third party plugins to make this work.

What are the requirements for this plugin?

You need a copy Event Espresso and WordPress. This plugin does not include the Event Espresso license.

What license is the plugin released under?

The plugin is GPL 2.0.

Does the plugin expire?

The plugin is yours to use forever, however when the plugin expires you will no longer get support and updates without renewing.

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